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Dance is all about footwork. You always want to start your dance out on the right foot! When you start correctly, the rest of the dance goes more smoothly.

Likewise, at the start of every New Year we all feel the same…everyone wants to start out the year on the right foot, commit to a bunch of resolutions for the New Year, and hope that in doing so the whole year will be more successful. Researchers say that 60% of us admit that we make New Year’s resolutions every year (that’s just the ones that ADMIT it). Not surprisingly, many of us resolve to do the same things. According to Inc. Magazine and some of those that top the list include:

  • Exercise more / become more active – one survey suggested 65% of Americans include movement as part of their New Year’s resolutions
  • Lose weight –when combined with resolutions to exercise or diet, this resolution easily tops the list of resolutions
  • Learn a new skill or hobby – why sit still when you could be out learning something new and constructive that is also fun?!
  • Meet new people/spend time with loved ones – socializing with a variety of different types of people is good for your mental health and adds joy to life.
  • Become more confident and take more chances – when you are confident other people notice it! Confidence can help in your career and in your everyday life as well.
  • Travel more and see the world – experience different cultures and see new places!

Maybe one or more of these resolutions are on your list as well! The big question every year is…how do we tackle these resolutions? Too bad there isn’t one solution that would take care of all of them in one go!!

I know you’ve already guessed it…but there is! The one solution that can help tackle all of these common resolutions…is Ballroom Dancing! Dance is the one universal skill that accomplishes a world of healing while giving joy, especially if you start it out on the right foot with someone who really cares about helping you achieve your goals by your side!

With the start of this new decade, we have also decided to commit to trying something new (for us anyway) by starting a blog! We want to reach out to our community and share with them everything we know about the power of dance. Our resolution this year is to share through this blog how ballroom dance has changed each of our lives for the better and how it can do the same for you!

Keep checking back as we share the physical and mental health benefits of dance, the social implications of learning ballroom dancing, and “what all the hubbub is about anyway”. What is ballroom dance? How can it help you every day? What happens inside an Arthur Murray studio and by the way who is Arthur Murray?

Dance is a wonderful way to express yourself and help you succeed in all avenues of your life. We will help you see, no matter what your age or ability, that dance can get you started in 2020 on the right foot!