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As a new student of Arthur Murray it’s easy to get confused by all the events that seem to happen every week within the Arthur Murray culture! Early on, you’ll start to hear new “lingo” like “Medal Ball” and “Team Match” and a whole lot of “O-Rama’s”. Sometimes it’s easy for Instructors and veteran students, who have been to all of these events year after year, to forget that there is A LOT to take in for the newbies! Just what have we signed up for??!

In two weeks we are having the Retro Showcase and everyone is encouraged to attend. But just what is it and why should a new dancer go? It’s exciting…but why is it exciting?!

What is Showcase?

Showcase is an upscale semi-annual event and opportunity for students to perform the routines and figures they’ve been working on in their lessons.  It’s a larger scale special event which is fun, supportive, and attended by other Arthur Murray students across the area. During this all-day event, students can enjoy showing off their recently acquired dance skills alongside students from their studio and other local Arthur Murray studios, shows from the amazing local instructors, social dancing, and in the evening, dinner, drinks and a professional show by top Arthur Murray competitive dancers. Students are encouraged to at least be a showcase spectator to experience the excitement, see where their dancing can go, and feel the sense of community that comes with being a member of the Arthur Murray family.

But you don’t have to take our word for it!

Check out what these veteran students from the Naperville and Oakbrook Terrace studios have to say about Showcase.

Also…here are a few tips about what to wear to Showcase!